Wednesday, June 10, 2009

South Africa Tops the Group

Today Another very interesting and nail biting match has finished just few moments ago that was SA Vs. NZ. It was really very enjoyable match that's never give a chance to move away from TV to the viewers and both the teams showed their skills at batting bowling and fielding.

But i think NZ really miss the service of Vetorri as he was playing due to shoulder injury. Overall it was a well entertaining match and well balanced match i mean no one could say who will win this match.

But at the end the best team as won the match and that is South Africa. and may be you people know i have predict that India and south Africa are the most favourite teams in T20 World Cup 2009.

Because both have very balanced sides batting,bowling and fielding areas but cricket is by chance may be some one else win T20 World Cup, I think these two teams have good chance to win this Cup.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pakistan Qualify for Super Eight

As i told you all in my last post that today a very important match Pakistan Vs. Netherlands and just now Pakistan beat Netherlands by 82 runs and qualify for super eight. I really thanks to Pakistani team because they did not repeat history of getting defeat by new team.

Today the other thing that Pakistan have done that they changed their opening pair as i discussed in last post and changed one bowler as well.

But the disappointing thing is that Pakistani fielding still rusty and drop catches, as today they have dropped 2 catches and some miss fielding.

If Pakistani team wants to reach in semi final than they must improve their fielding as soon as possible because in future matches when they will play with good teams, miss catches will heart them very badly.

Even these kinds of miss fielding will through out them from T20 World Cup.
As well as they have to improve their batting because i feel they have lack of confidence and can't hit six and four which are the basic ingredients of T20 cricket.

Pakistan In or Out T20 World Cup

I am now discuss the today's very important match that is Pakistan Vs. Netherlands. And this could be another upset because Pakistani team is famous for getting defeat from new teams.

It is not my view the history tells that when Bangladesh came first time in World cup they beat Pakistan after that Ireland in next world cup beat Pakistan and and now Netherlands. i heard that history repeats itself if it is true than may be today Netherlands defeat Pakistan.

Cricket is by chance but if Pakistan play with their full strength and seriously than they could beat Netherlands very easily and could qualify for next round.

In this match in my opinion Pakistan has to change their opening combination and to improve their fielding as much as they can do in this short time because the main reason in their defeat in last match was fielding plus wrong opening combination and mental weakness.

Netherlands not new to cricket because they are playing cricket from many years and also coming in world cups so they are know the tricks but don't have experience like Pakistan.

T20 is a short version of cricket and in this version experience does not matter the tricks how play and when to hit what shot is important and now we have to wait for this match and see who will win this match